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F1 News: Verstappen’s Unexpected Ferrari Test at Mugello – A Unique Mentorship Role

In a surprising twist, Max Verstappen, the celebrated F1 champion, was spotted testing a Ferrari at the Mugello circuit. However, this was not a shift in his Formula 1 career but a mentorship role for Thierry Vermeulen. Verstappen’s involvement in the GT racing world demonstrates his diverse racing interests and dedication to guiding emerging talent.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mentoring Beyond F1: Max Verstappen, the renowned Red Bull Racing triple world champion, ventured beyond his usual F1 domain to test a Ferrari 296 GT3 at Mugello. This unique endeavor was aimed at mentoring Thierry Vermeulen, the son of his manager and a racer in the GT category under the brand.
  • Valuable Insights from a Champion: During the test, Verstappen provided crucial feedback and tips to Thierry, showcasing the significance of experienced guidance in motorsports. Raymond Vermeulen, speaking to Swiss magazine Blick, highlighted the immediate benefits of Max’s advice after just a few laps.
  • A Different Racing Path for Thierry: Despite the high-profile mentorship, Thierry Vermeulen is not aiming for a career in Formula 1. Raymond Vermeulen emphasized their focus on other racing categories, acknowledging the challenging nature of the F1 journey.

Max Verstappen, a dominant figure in Formula 1 with Red Bull Racing, recently expanded his horizons by mentoring Thierry Vermeulen at the Mugello circuit in a Ferrari 296 GT3. This test was not indicative of a switch to Ferrari’s Formula 1 team but was rather a unique opportunity for Verstappen to guide the young racer, who competes under the banner and is the son of Max’s manager, Raymond Vermeulen.

Thierry, aged 21, is carving a niche for himself in GT racing, a discipline that differs significantly from the Formula 1 pathway. Verstappen’s engagement in this mentorship role highlights his broad interest in various racing forms and his commitment to nurturing new racing talent, as seen through his involvement with

Verstappen shared his expertise and insights, providing an invaluable learning experience for Thierry. Raymond Vermeulen, speaking to Blick magazine, remarked:

“Formula 1 is not a goal for us. I know the way up, and the air is far too rarefied for that. So we will stay away from that. There are other interesting categories in racing,” he said.

Verstappen, enthusiastic about supporting Thierry, stated:

“I am happy to help Thierry. We are like a big family, and I am also a GT and sim racing fan.”

Helmut Marko also commented on Verstappen’s impressive performance and his third consecutive world championship win:

“One day, Max will set up his own GT team. He is just a real racer.”

Verstappen’s foray into mentoring in the GT racing world, and the support he offers to emerging racers like Thierry, underscores his multifaceted talent and passion for racing, expanding his influence beyond the Formula 1 tracks.

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