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Slashing Civilian’s Tires: Minneapolis Authorities Just Can’t Stop

There truly can be no understatement in describing how out of touch Minneapolis law enforcement can be. In wake of the protests surrounding their notorious murder, they have continued to be filmed committing egregious acts.

In a new string of videos and reports, you can see the militarized crowds of cops slashing the tires of multiple civilian vehicles. It’s as if parking a car anywhere near where they decide to gather had the defacto punishment of property damage.

In the above video, we see some Sheriffs and what could be military personnel (it’s hard to tell nowadays) get all stabby with all four tires on two vehicles.

According to other reports, the officers went into parking lots, and punctured the tires on every vehicle in sight, under orders from state-led “Multi-agency Command Center.”

Mother Jones reports that the officers in the video were, “troopers and deputies from the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office.” Some people who witnessed the slashings while at the protest claim that they were laughing as they committed the (what I would consider) crimes.

Apparently this was planned as a countermeasure to reduce the threat of people driving near the protests or riot police. Which begs the question, where’s that class action?

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