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Someone’s Redesigned The Lamborghini Miura, The Original Supercar

A Brazilian man named Pedro Ruperto has set his exquisite talents in draw and design on one thing lately. That thing is the modern redesign or the original supercar, the Lamborghini Miura.

It was the very first mid-engined production car, and with the majority of its design going on behind the back of Lamborghini management, it was only when a concept was released to the world did the original Miura ever hold any intention of going to the market.

These days, it’s a legend, despite its questionable driving characteristics. But meet Ruperto’s modern design. This could most definitely turn heads.

Someone's Redesigned The Lamborghini Miura, The Original Supercar

Unfortunately, the design is split into three separate posts to make it look better on his Instagram profile, but the sharp design includes a host of iconic design cues from the original car. The eyelashes for example are still present at the front of the car, albeit with modern Lamborghini LED lights over popups.

Down the side a contrasting panel runs the length of the sideskirt like the original, but in this modern take the cockpit is much further towards the rear. Of course, this is only a design focussing on aesthetics, but does hint at a front-engine layout.

Let us know in the comments if this is how you imagine a new Miura to take shape, or if not, link us another design to ponder over!

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