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Spy Photos of the New Junior P1 by McLaren

The “old’ McLaren 650S came out only two years ago and unfortunately ran into a wall called the Ferrari 458, which basically killed any chance for success.

Within those two years, McLaren has learned a few things and is coming out with what you see here, the P14, which many are calling the junior P1. As usual, the P14 will still have the signature carbon fiber tub and turbocharged 3.8L V8.

In order to compete with the new Ferrari 488 GTB, it’s also bringing a bunch of new technologies. As you can see in the picture, the p1-nification of the front of the car is obvious with the smaller lights and air intakes underneath. Also, stretching out the side mirrors and the curvature of the rear end is a real improvement upon the rather old style of the 650S.

Take a look at the current 650S to see what will need to be improved on.

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