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Tesla Model 3 Loses Rear Bumper During Rainfall – More Evidence Of Poor Quality

It’s not the first time we’ve seen something like this happen with a Tesla. It’s safe to say that the build quality of these all-electric cars isn’t what it should be, but now another video has popped up proving just how poor it can be in some cases.

This is  Logan Derouanna’s Tesla Model 3, and after the car’s rear bumper shot off during driving in the rain, Tesla told his it was an “act of God” talked to the owner who told them we was decelerating in order to join the right lane before he heard a “huge noise”. He later discovered his rear bumper had been ripped off.

From the video, it looks as though the Tesla kicked up water from a puddle which forced its way through the bumper causing it to fly off, but there was no large puddle shown on the front camera. On top of that, though, Derouanna told CarScoops that he was going less than half the speed limit. This really is a problem Tesla must address!

“No debris or potholes at all. I even walked to where it happened and watched several cars drive over the same spot,” he said to CarScoops when asked if there was anything different about the road.

Once he pulled over, he contacted Tesla’s Roadside Assistance, in which he waited over an hour for before the actually turned up to help. The story goes on…

“They told me they were emailing me a quote for the tow they were sending, I was angry they were making me pay for the tow as I thought it was a design flaw and not my fault,” he said

“Honestly, I was just on the phone with normal salespeople and the service people. The manager wasn’t available because it was already 5PM. One person on the phone told me it was “An Act Of God,”  Derouanna told CarScoops.

Once a lawyer got involved on Derouanna’s side, the Tesla service centre manager admitted that this is a common occurrence and that he’d take care of everything.

“We had to email the service centre manager with our lawyer and he immediately called us and told us he would take care of everything. He knew about this issue with the Model 3s. He handled the situation very well,” explained the Tesla owner .

Does this put you off buying a Tesla? Let us know in the comments.

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