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Jeremy Clarkson Vows To “Make Good” What Was Stolen From 5 Year Old Boy In Heartwarming Tweet

Jeremy Clarkson of The Grand Tour isn’t usually one for warming our hearts. He’s either making us laugh, hitting something with a hammer, or insulting a group of people. But only an hour ago he replied to a story from The Sun that explained how thieves had stolen everything from a 5 year old boy’s honesty stall.

Each day, the stall was filled up by Harry Clare, who sells eggs and goats milk as well as soap and lip balm. It’s left alone during the day, and if someone feels they want to buy from it, they leave money in a box placed on the stall.

The stall, which sat near Rosebud Meadow in Malvern, Worcestershire, had everything stolen by thieves and the police have since gotten involved. Despite this, Harry has lost his love for being a shopkeeper when he grows up. While this is very sad, thousands of people have leapt to his side and offered donations and stock, one of these people being Jeremy Clarkson.

“I will make good all that was lost. Please get in touch. And then let’s feed the thieves into a combine”, he tweets.

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His followers also run to Harry’s aid and to compliment Clarkson on the good deed.

Some even offer their skills in helping with the combining.

Jeremy Clarkson has become a home-grown farmer, as he has been caring for his Diddly Squat Farm for a new show to be hosted on Amazon. It sees him cover the farming year from planting and caring for crops, to selling these at his very own shop.

The next episode of The Grand Tour has also been confirmed to be coming later this year. There is plenty to look forward to, it’s safe to say.

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