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Tesla Model S Race Car: The Electric Car You Really Want

If you’ve ever thought that the Tesla Model S P100D was too slow (you’re crazy), you’re in luck because now you can turn it into a spec’d out race car. Designed for the Electric GT championships, the race-spec version of the already insane, dare we say ludicrously fast P100 D has become lighter, faster, and much, much more badass.

The race spec P100 D will now do the 0-60 sprint in a mind blowing 2 seconds flat. That’s faster than a Porsche 918, Ferrari LaFerrari, or a McLaren P1. It’s also faster than any other electric supercar. For reference, the Next EV NIO EP9 which recently obliterated the Nurburgring record for an electric vehicle is only capable of a 0-60 time of 2.7 seconds. I would bet this Tesla would give the EP9 a good run on the ring too, if not beat it outright. In addition to the quicker 0-60 times, the car now has 778 horsepower and 734 lb-ft of torque and has dropped a staggering 1,100 pounds of weight.

So what’s even better than a physics defying electric race car? One that’s also technically a street car. According to Motor Authority, these are not special race only built Teslas, these are legitimate street cars which have been highly modified instead. It would seem even going completely electric can’t stop the tuners and petrolheads from finding a way to modify and increase the performance of a car, and that is a beautiful thing.

According to Motor Authority, the Electric GT championship series will launch on the island of Ibiza on Sept. 27th and will have 20 drivers on 10 different teams.Motor Authority also stated that the season will consist of seven rounds, each of which will have a day race and a dusk race. Motor Authority further stated that there will also be three non-competition events. It sounds like it is shaping up to be an insanely fast competition, and if the future is electric, the future is indeed looking bright.

Sources: Motor Authority

Nick Dunlap

Nick is a lifelong automotive enthusiast, as well as journalist, and content creator. Nick also successful competes in a variety of automotive fields including national level car shows, autocross, SCCA races, and more. He enjoys designing and building a variety of cars and helping others do the same with theirs.

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