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James May’s Easy Life as a Bus Driver | Blast from the Past

In this blast from the past, we learn that James May was once a, in the words of Jeremy Clarkson, “little Hitler and murderer” AKA a bus driver. Presumably this was prior to the Series 20, Episode 6 feature where James goes out to test a new bus for the show. Though I suppose it does explain why James was able to pick up bus driving so quickly.

In this short clip from Top Gear’s earliest seasons, the boys have a discussion about Jeremy’s comment about bus drivers, which upset the bus driver’s union leader. He challenges Jeremy to spend a week working as a bus driver so he can experience the bad pay and terrible working conditions that bus driver have to put up with (the irony here is strong).

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When Jeremy asks James about his previous experiences driving buses, Captain Slow claims it was the easiest thing he has ever done, even easier than presenting a television show. He even claims that it was better because cameras were not on all the time so you could go have a joint. Who knew James May knew how to party?

Check out the video clip above, and enjoy this blast from the past. One small detail though; in the video description, it says that this clip was from Hammond’s first appearance on the show, but that appears to be incorrect. The first series features Clarkson, Hammond, and Jason Dawe as the presenters, with May replacing Dawes in series 2. Therefore, there’s no way Hammond could have had his “first episode” with James already there. Just a little Top Gear Top Tip for you all.

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