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The Fast 9 Trailer Reactions: Social Media Flips for Return of Han

The Fast and Furious franchise returns and if you haven’t already seen the trailer, there will be major spoilers ahead! Not only does it look like the most adrenaline-filled F&F yet, but the end of the trailer shows the return of a member of the crew that we thought had died in the 6th film. Han Seoul-Oh is back from the dead and ready to ride again!

Watch the trailer below:

Social media has gone mad about the return of Han, so we thought we’d culminate your thoughts below.


It’s safe to say that however much you guys can’t believe Sung Kang’s character is back from the dead, you’re all very pleased to hear the news! It looks like it will pull some fans from the previous movies in, too. That can never be a bad thing.


Facebook weighs in on the action with a bit of negativity. We’ve chosen a large random sample so it isn’t biased and it’s clear to see that some people are thinking it’s a little too unbelievable for their liking.


Reddit takes a step back to look at how Han’s reveal will affect the whole franchise – will there be a boxing match between Han and Shaw? With Shaw now one of the good guys, we’re not sure how this is going to pan out, and neither is Reddit.

Overall Thoughts

It’s no surprise that this has caused a stir with fans questioning how they’re going to explain Han’s return, but his character coming back has rekindled fan’s love for the franchise. What do you think? Are you excited to see the return of one of the favourite characters from the original trilogy, or do you think it’s all got a bit too farfetched for your liking? Put your thoughts down in the comments!

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