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The Grand Tour News: James May Reveals His New Car

James May has a not-so-secret fondness for electric cars. As we’ve seen from both DriveTribe and The Grand Tour, James owns a BMW i3, replacing his Fiat Panda daily driver. Now however, James has stepped up to the plate of Tesla, revealing his new Model S in the video below.

With his i3 and Alpine A110 in the background, he reveals his new car to the audience after a flurry of words such as “sick” and “yo”. “That is standard,” he says to the camera. “I don’t know what the future of the car is, but I do believe one way or another they’re going to be powered by electric motors.”

He explains to the camera that it’s important to take part in the experiment. He isn’t interested in whether the car is eco-efficient or green or where its batteries has come from, he’s interested in the future of the car in regards to its technology and drivability and how it stacks up against the good old internal combustion engine.

Stepping inside the car, he does think the interior could be slightly more flamboyant, but is content with it compared to an overcomplicated car such as a Bentley or Rolls Royce.

After taking us through a discussion about why we should embrace electric cars as a way to allow the more exciting combustion engines to still reside on the roads when we want them, he then walks us through his collection of, mostly blue, vehicles and colour schemes. But was this a teaser for another car reveal coming soon?

He points behind the camera while saying there are two more blue cars that we’re not allowed to see. Are these new cars that will get their eventual reveal on his YouTube channel, or are they cars that he wants to keep private? Let us know what you think they are and we can look further into this!

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  1. Like the other handsome lad, the slightly less pendantic version of James in the back of the garage. The slightly slimmer one. Made of cardboard.

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