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The JCB Fastrac Two Is The World’s Fastest Tractor – 135.91MPH

The world record for the fastest tractor in the world has just been broken by industry leader JCB. The Fastrac Two hit a record breaking top speed average of 135.91mph at Elvington Airfield in York earlier this week.

JCB was also the previous record holder with a model named Fastrac One, which held the record of 103.6mph since June earlier this year.


Improvements to the second iteration of the kitted out Fastrac includes a more streamlined body which creates less drag and a lowering of its kerb weight by 10%. It’s also kitted out with a roll cage to protect the driver – it’s not easy driving with such a high centre of gravity – and it has a deployable chute to help the five-tone behemoth to stop at the end of the tun. After all, this is based on the commercially available JCB Fastrac tractor.

The JCB Fastrac Two Is The World's Fastest Tractor - 135.91MPH

The Guiness World Records was at the scene to certify the record with an average speed on opposed runs using a 1km-long speed trap.

The JCB Fastrac Two Is The World's Fastest Tractor - 135.91MPH

“Getting a five-tonne tractor to safely reach 150mph, and stop again, is not an easy task,” said JCB’s innovation and growth officer Tim Burnhope, “but we’re all so proud to have not only reached these goals, but to have exceeded them.”

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