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Cadillac CT5-V Wagon – “Possible” Says Cadillac Chief Engineer

Renderings are fun.  They allow us to fantasize about what any dreamt up vehicle may possibly look like.  In the case of this render from Cadillac Society however, they may have helped create a real vehicle.

Wagons, like hatches or GTs have their own following.  Add to that the very loyal following of Cadillac’s powerhouse CTS-V, with its giant 6.2-litre supercharged V8, and you have a recipe for cult status.  When the CadillacSociety created this rendering of what a wagon version of this car might look like, it took off within the Caddy community.



When asked about the possibility of this dream wagon becoming a reality, you’d expect the reply to dodge the question or maybe discuss other cars that could be coming down the pipe without ever really shutting it down, nor entertaining it as an actual possibility.  Chief Engineer for Cadillac Brandon Vivian however, gave hope to those dreamers amongst us when he replied that he had in fact looked at this rendering “many, many, many times”.

Further fanning the flames was his acknowledgement that automakers are beholden (or at least they should be, it seems he’s saying), to their customers, their drivers, and their fans.  Vivian gave hope when he said “there is an absolute fanaticism around the V-wagons, and wagons in general.  So because of that, we continue to study a future variant.”

Not exactly a roadmap to the 2021 CT5-V, but it’s refreshing to see that some people are listening to what the people want!


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