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The Nissan Z Proto Is Just A 370Z With A New Body

Last month car enthusiasts were pleased to hear that an “all new” Nissan Z would be hitting the streets soon. The much talked about Z Proto seems to have all the ingredients of a speed freaks cocktail. It’s expected to have the same 3.0-liter twin turbo V6 that is in the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400, which you guessed it, has 400 Horsepower. However, after further inspection it looks like the “all new” Z Proto is just the old 370Z with a facelift. 

Rumors of this possible deception by Nissan was more than this group of Japanese YouTubers could stand. The concerned and justice seeking YouTubers marched to Nissan headquarters in Yokohama with tape measure in hand. As soon as the Z Proto was in sight they began their measuring, against Nissans consent, and confirmed fans’ suspicion…that this is just a regular old 370Z. Nissan officials were even yelling at them “Stop! Stop! Stop!” At one point, but it was too late they had already been busted. The Japanese YouTubers turned investigative journalists seemed just as disappointed as us. We thought finally, Nissan is bringing us an all new Z but they have simply given the 370 a facelift and hoped we wouldn’t notice. The full fact finding video is posted below, in Japanese with English subtitles. 

The justice seeking YouTubers went as far as climbing under the car with lights to investigate each and every nut and bolt. Their results of the investigation were not pretty. Basically everything from the Chassis and suspension to door handles and gauges were the same as the old 370. Clearly the only thing Nissan has drastically changed is the body, which really isn’t that good looking. 

Nissan really tapped into their retroactive nonsense for the design of this car. It almost looks like they took the front end from a 240, the rear from a 300ZX and mashed it onto the gut of the 370. There is no apparent consistency throughout the car. From its ancient looking long bonnet coupled with a sleek and modern midsection with that gaudy looking retro rear this car clearly doesn’t know what the hell it is. It is striking when you first look at it but after a while it starts to look like a Fiat 124 Spider gone a bit wrong. 

Nissan has said that things could change before production of this “new” car, but that the body would remain much of the same. So we ask, please Nissan, give us a NEW Z!

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