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You Can Now Lease A Bugatti Chiron For $66,000 Per Month

You can now lease a Bugatti Chiron Sport, but it will cost you…

If you have ever wanted to lease a new Bugatti Chiron without having to buy it, now is the time. The new Bugatti Chiron Sport is now available for leasing and It will only cost you $65,950….a month for 2 years. That’s 1.9 million dollars in total, after tax, or roughly a little over half the price of the car. Bugatti says they will let you buy the car back from them at the end of the lease, or you can just walk away from all that cash. There is one catch though. You can only drive the car 2,500 miles a year. 

That is quite the restriction on miles given the Bugatti’s massive speed and sticker price. It doesn’t seem like much of a deal if you pay for more than half of the car’s $3.3 million value and then don’t even get to drive it as often as you like. Clearly Bugatti knows what most of its owners will be doing with the car. Not maxing out the Chiron’s top speed of 261mph but rather cruising 2.61mph down the streets of Monte Carlo, revving at girls. 

One of the most appealing aspects of the Chiron is its top speed at 261mph, which you would be hesitant to do because the lease comes out to $317 a mile. However, Bugatti has not made it known if you can take it to the racetrack or not. One Youtuber, Brooks Weisblat from Dragtimes, recently released a video of him visiting the Bugatti dealership. He learned it would be over $4,000 a month just for taxes alone, for the Chiron. He still thought he could make money on the investment by taking it drag racing a quarter mile at a time. Bugatti didn’t seem to mind the potential leaser’s idea of drag racing their beloved hypercar. Maybe we will be seeing more Chirons at dragstrips now. 

With Bugatti being knocked off the pedestal once again by SSC Tuatara for world’s fastest production car, the Chiron is now far from top in terms of raw speed. A tear formed in the eye of every Bugatti owner when the SSC Tuatara cruised past Bugattis old record, and on up to 331mph. Now the Bugatti is rendered completely useless as a tool for speed leaving it with only its good looks. Bugatti owners can no longer boast their victory in the race to 300mph, rather now just cruise, teary eyed, down the strip. Perhaps that is the reason for the 2,500 mile limit on leases.

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