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These Toyota Supra Renderings Show Us What the 2020 Model Could Have Been

The Toyota Supra is back! After a long 20 year wait, Toyota teased the long awaited return back in 2014 with the FT-1 concept that gave us a glimpse into how the 2020 Supra would look. Below you can see just how similar the concept (red) is compared to the new Supra (yellow).

You can see the similarities between the 2020 model and the concept car, obviously Toyota have watered the design down as is always the way when a concept car becomes reality. However, thanks to the internet – we can now imagine if Toyota went the complete other way and made the design even bolder with these brand new Octon renderings.

The renderings life begun with the Mazda RX Vision as the base car and then obviously the rest was heavily remixed from there. To be honest, you can’t even really see the Mazda influence which would peak the interest of any Toyota car fan, featuring the extended front overhang, pointed nose and elongated B pillar. The headlights are a big yes from us and look incredibly sleek as well as the low roof adding to the cars visual appeal.

On the side of the vehicle, we’re pleased to see large intakes for cooling the imaginary brakes.

Taking you to the rear now, the design features large dual exhaust tips which adds to the vehicles good looks in our opinion. The taillights are an ode to the fourth generation Supra that helped create the reputation that the Supra has today.

These renderings obviously look northing like the Supra that is available today – the renderings we see here show a Supra which is a lot longer than the real thing and keeps the iconic fourth generation wing incorporated into the design.

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