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This 1967 Ford Mustang Has A Corvette Heart Under Its Modified Body

In an almost obnoxiously American mashup, Kyle Scaife (who’s actually Canadian), took the body of an old Mustang, did many weird things to it with a plasma cutter, and spliced it with a GM engine in a move that will surely alienate many fans of both cars who disagree with the Canadian predisposition to cooperate.

The car was showcased at H20i last year, one of the country’s most notoriously rowdy car meets, and I don’t think this thing is doing much to keep the police off everyone’s backs.

The Mustvette (Corstang?) was the result of Scaife’s search for a project car when he stumbled across a salvage-title C5 Corvette for only six grand. He had already found a Mustang body without an engine or gearbox, and this unholy mashup was born.

The 5.7L V8 came with around 345 horsepower when stock, which is a bit ridiculous considering the Mustang had only 20 less than that when it was new during the Johnson administration. The car’s chassis, despite the vaguely Mustang-ish panels draped over it, is largely custom (Scaife is a fabricator and builder by trade), as is the stripped-out interior, with those lunar-module toggle switches and Swiss-cheese bucket seats. It’s even got neat Viper-style side exhausts.

You can see more pictures of it on Kyle’s Instagram.

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