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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals His New Book But Clarkson’s Farm Manager Kaleb Isn’t Happy

Fans have loved Kaleb Cooper since he first rose to the screen alongside Jeremy Clarkson on his popular new show, Clarkson’s Farm. His knowledge of the farming industry paired with a brilliant personality quickly put him in fans’ hearts, and his willingness to call Jeremy out when he did something wrong was the cherry on top.

Now, Jeremy has released a book following his life since starting Diddly Squat Farm, but Kaleb doesn’t quite agree with how The Grand Tour presenter has explained his role.

Jeremy revealed his new book on Instagram:

He then followed up with a reading from the book, that warranted 230,000 likes and 1.3 million views from his 4.1 million followers:

Kaleb then added to the event as he uploaded a video to his own Instagram account, reporting to his fans that he’d now read his first book, Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat, A Year On The Farm.

He says:

“So I’ve discovered what this is – this is a book.

“And I’ve read my first ever book. Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat: A Year on the Farm, which is out today by the way.

“Now he refers to me as a tractor driver. Not too sure how I feel about that.

“I like to think of myself as the farm manager – as it is Kaleb’s Farm of course!

“Make sure you pick a copy up. Give it a read, let’s hope you learn something.”

Prime Video UK joined in on the fun, commenting on the video the following:

“We need you and Gerald to narrate the audiobook.”

Another fan added that they hope Kaleb is getting a Christmas bonus for the advertising he’s doing on his own social account.

We can’t wait to get out hands on Jeremy’s book, and if you fancy giving it a read yourself, you can find it here if you’re in the UK. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be available to US fans just yet but watch this space.

Alex Harrington

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