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This 400hp Twin-Turbo 370Z Is Nissan’s Own Project Car

Project cars are great things. You shovel what seems to be endless amounts of money into them, they never seem to work, and you’re left with what’s basically a carcass in your garage. Wait, did I say great things?

This is Nissan‘s own project car: a 370Z with its old and weary V6 replaced by a twin-turbo VR30DDTT from the Infiniti Q50. Surprisingly, the car’s original 6-speed manual gearbox can more than handle the increase power and torque, so Nissan has only engineered it to pair with the new power plant as it was never meant to be used with a manual transmission.

But Nissan wasn’t the only company working on this project. MA Motorsports also wanted in, producing a blend of OEM, aftermarket and bespoke new parts to create a project car that’s not only reliable, but also fast – something that the majority of project cars are not. They were able to donate an upgraded clutch, flywheel and differential cooler for the GT Pro-Carbon limited-slip differential made by NISMO.

There are a host of other modifications too, such as an AMS Performance cold air intake, Z1 Motorsports blow-off valves and a bespoke new MA-built exhaust-system which exits either side of the numberplate with badass looking black exits. This makes space for a rear diffusor, although they’ve chosen to keep it looking clean this time.

Of course, with the extra power and track time that this car is destined for, it needs extra cooling and braking to keep everything under control at ten tenths. Nissan has answered with extra cooling for the power steering and more powerful callipers. These were then paired with Nismo’s brand new Street/Track pads grip Z1 Motorsports two-piece slotted rotors and braided steel brake lines. And before we forget, the suspension has been treated to various Nismo upgrades on top of KW Variant 3 coilovers and Eibach rear springs.

Possibly the best part of this car is the wrap, though. The colour is called Gloss Burnt Orange, perfectly matching the black of the wheels which are wrapped in Hankook RS4 rubber.

Depending on interest in the project, these parts could be available in your local Nissan dealer with thoughts of a ‘Builders Kit’ becoming available. It’s all still under development, including the car, but so far, we’re loving it. Are you?

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