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This ’68 Ford Mustang Shooting Brake Takes Pony Car To The Next Level

We’ve seen plenty of renders of European cars being turned into shooting brakes. We’ve even seen Japanese cars such as the Nissan GT-R get their rear-ends redesigned and boy, do we love them. There’s something about a shooting brake that is so utilitarian and yet sporty. It’s everything modern manufacturers want from their bulbous SUVs in an aerodynamic, good looking package.

Now, our favourite car graphic designer rain Prisk is back once again, this time focussing on an American classic, the ’68 Ford Mustang. Again, like Prisk’s other designs, he’s pulled at the rear angles of the car to render something that I’m not sure any of us could say no to.


The roofline is longer, sweeping far back over the car and stopping below the top line of the windshield. A small ducktail spoiler accentuates this design choice and makes the huge hips of this muscle car pop even more. And just ahead of these hips sit a dual side-exit exhaust. Each corner houses a fat tyre and beautiful gold wheels, and an air vent decorates the side of the car.

This must have taken some serious work, and we love it just as much as we do his other designs. What should he take on next?

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