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This Pontiac Fiero Rendering Is All The Right Amount Of Eighties

Pontiac, a General Motors brand which had been in operation since 1926, was sadly discontinued back in October 2010.. Halloween to be exact. Fans of GM and Pontiac understandably considered this a cruel trick with no treat.

Pontiac, who most recently might be better well known for making the awful Pontiac Aztek, which is better known as being Walter White’s inconspicuous vehicle in Breaking Bad. But the car brands history is actually a bit more prestigious.

Pontiac actually created America’s first mass produced and mid-engined sports car, known as the Fiero. Quite the achievement yes we know, but it was actually quickly preceded by innumerable better vehicles as it fans soon realised the Fiero was unreliable, slow, sluggish and lacked any real defining factors. Even though it’s reign was short and unsuccessful, the Fiero still has a cult like status.

As with any car with a form of cult like status, renderings are rife and most of them aren’t really any good. However, wb.artist20 on Instagram has come up with their version and you know what? We love it.. General Motors, take note.

The original Fiero was dripping in 1980’s styling, it contained an incredible amount of plastic, pop-up headlines and that quintessential knife-edged nose – it is so eighties in fact that it wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Miami Vice.

Thankfully wb.artist20 has retained the majority of the Fiero’s original styling and aura keeping the pointy front end, however the pop-up headlights have been replaced by thin slits instead. The Fiero’s sloping C pillar remains the same as does the fantastic truncated rear end and spoiler.

We absolutely love the red accents which grace the grille as well as the front splitter and asymmetrical black and red accent stripe.

Pontiac produced an awful lot of Fiero’s back in the day with the American car manufacturer producing over 400,000 units between 1984 and 1988. Due to General Motors discontinuing the brand ten years ago, it is highly unlikely we will never see another Pontiac again let alone a new Fiero ever again but they are available on the used car market.

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