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The Grand Tour: James May Teases Release Date Of Next Episode In Recent Interview

Amazon has been very quiet when it’s come to The Grand Tour. As we all know now, the next episode is filmed and edited, despite several mishaps during the production of the show such as Andy Wilman’s fight with Covid-19. Earlier today, James May appeared on an interview with Good Morning Britain, and was keen to shine more light on the topic of its release date.

“We have to start, if that’s alright with you, with The Grand Tour,” the interview, Ben, says to May.

“Massive show in my house, my boys will be besides themselves when they know you’re on today. When are we gonna get the next instalment and where abouts are you in the world with this?”

James May replies:

“We’re in Madagascar, I think that’s quite well-known.”

The boys have been filmed driving in three highly modified cars, hinting at the likelihood of them taking on some off-road shenanigans. You can view that here.

“We’re back in cars which will please a lot of people,” James confirmed.

“It will be – it’s all edited, it’s done, it will be Amazon’s say later this year, but they won’t be more specific than that.

“I think they’re sort of, I think they’re going to release it strategically at a great moment.”

Ben continues to push by asking what that means. “Does that mean with a big fanfare?”

“Well, there will be a fan fare obviously!” James replies.

“I think what I mean by that is that they will not let it be overshadowed by big football for example or anything like that, (or) Top Gear!”

While we still can’t give you a definite date, it seems as though we’re pushing closer to the release date of our beloved motoring show. With a gap in the football, mentioned by James, at the end of August, it could well be that we’ll be looking at a release date around September for The Grand Tour.

We don’t know for sure, but this certainly looks likely.

Who’s excited?

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