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This Safari Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Is 717 Horsepower Of Unstoppable

Over the last few years, the Challenger SRT Hellcat has transformed the Dodge brand, rocketing it to the number one spot ahead of its competitors, Chevrolet and Ford. It’s the only production car ever to pull a wheelie off the line, and its Hellcat motor was so popular, it was later sold by the crate.

Now, an Instagram user by the name of @moaoun_moaoun has pushed the car towards a slightly different niche by transforming the drag strip king into a Baja beast.

The designer has done an amazing job at completely changing the aesthetics of the car while retaining its intimidating looks with a body you can’t miss, flanked by thick, plastic arches and an exterior roll cage running up over its roof. Above the windscreen sit a line of floodlights, and as you can see from the render, there’s plenty of space up there for a couple of pushbikes.

Sat at the front of the car is a new headlight and grille surround, plus a thick piece of metal to protect its underbody from sharp rocks that it may end up clambering over.

Large all-terrain tyres almost look subtle under its wide arches, but on close inspection, you can see they’re ready for the trails with a bit of air let out for ultimate traction.

Yep, it looks ace. But I’d love to know if its 717 horsepower could be taken to the front wheels as well as the rears. That would really allow it to tear up some dirt.

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