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Tokyo Drift’s Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) Returns For Fast & Furious 9

By now you’ve all seen the return of Han from the third instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise, Tokyo Drift, but only those who watched the trailer very closely will have seen another fan favourite from the same film: Sean Boswell played by Lucas Black. 

Sean, or Drift King as some of you may know him, featured prominently alongside Han during their escapades in Tokyo where they battled against the Japanese mafia to not only win the title of DK, but to ensure their friend’s safety. 

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He now returns in Fast 9 with the promise of a rocket booster-powered Pontiac Fiero that Tej and Roman look at questionably. He can only be seen for a split second, but the trailer confirms that the character is definitely going to show up to some extent in the film.

We can’t wait to watch the film to find out what else it has in store for us!

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