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Top 5 Best Motoring and Car Podcasts You Can Listen To Now

Podcasts are becoming more popular each day. Driving to work? Whack a podcast on and listen to some guys talk about cold-cases. Cleaning the house? Go on iTunes and fire up a podcast all about the perfect BBQ. Have a free hour and want to listen to three guys talk about cars? Well… here are the best 5 motoring and car related podcasts you can listen to right now.

But before we get into this article, we would greatly appreciate it if you checked out our official podcast. Presented by our Editor-in-chief Alex, and soon-to-be contributing writers Liam and Bentley, they bring you a relaxed way of absorbing car news from the week. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and hopefully you can have a laugh with them. Find them below.

Let#s get back to the 5 (other) best motoring podcasts.

5. CarStuff

This is more for the relaxed motoring enthusiast than the hardcore car lover. Made by the How Stuff Works company, they cover topics ranging from “The 10 Most Terrifying Manufacturing Defects” to “What Makes A Sports Car?”. This is the perfect podcast to introduce your kids to the world or motoring. It’s family friendly, simple, and you don’t need a vast background knowledge to understand it.

4. The Car and Driver Podcast

These short podcasts are nothing but brilliant, giving listeners sweet comparative reviews of high performance cars. Of course, they’re high quality and put together with the same care and talent as those behind the best motoring magazines. Want to hear the voices behind the car and driver articles, look no further. Unfortunately for now it’s finished which is why we’ve put it fourth on this list. Hopefully they’ll bring it back.

3. Diesel Performance Podcast

Want to know how to first of all buy cool diesel car, then squeeze all the power out of it? This is definitely the podcast for you if you like rolling coal. Hosts Paul Wilson and Danny Voss really know what they’re talking about as the discuss topics from modifications and maintenance.

2. Hooniverse 

From the Hooniverse comes yet another way to enjoy cars. They don’t talk about the usual news, instead focussing on the more obscure. It’s family friendly – minus a bit of swearing – so go and enjoy another way to consume the Hooniverse.

1. Smoking Tire Podcast

He started with his own YouTube channel and became part of the Drive team, now Matt Farrah has added another string to his bow with his podcast. He and his colleague Zack push out endless podcasts with an unmatched knowledge of the industry. They also have plenty of celebrity guests like Richard Porter of Top Gear and The Grand Tour, and YouTuber Doug Demuro.

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  1. Car and Driver podcast hasn’t been updated in over a year and a half, so I’m gonna go ahead and guess that one is dead?

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