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Toyota’s New GRMN Yaris Costs Over $70,000 – This Is Why

A new, even more highly tuned GR Yaris has been unveiled by Toyota at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Named the GRMN Yaris, it will be limited to just 500 units and has several upgrades over the ‘standard’ GR Yaris. On top of this, there will be two variations to choose from: a Circuit Package, or a Rally Package.

Both variations have lost weight, but this is the smallest of the changes. The upgraded Yaris has a closer ratio six-speed manual gearbox, and thanks to a carbon fibre bonnet, the removal of the rear seats (plus Recaros at the front) and a host of other small changes, the car has lost 20kg over the standard car. Add 545 more spot welds, and it’s more rigid, too.

The 1.5-litre three-pot still powers the car, but this time producing a little more torque totalling 268 horsepower and 287 lb-ft. This is then sent through a mechanical limited-slip differential at the front and rear compared to the standard car with uses Torsen diffs.

The Circuit Package adds bespoke 18-inch wheels from BBS, larger brakes, new Bilstein adjustable shocks, a carbon fibre rear wing, larger and more aggressive side skirts, and a different front lip, and is available in a Matte Steel paint finish. Only 50 of these will be built.

The Rally Package on the other hand will have new Toyota shocks and stabiliser bars, guards under the car, and a roll bar. This variation actually loses 30kg over the standard 20kg lost on the circuit variation.

As for the Rally Package, it includes new Toyota shocks and stabilizer bars, an under guard set, and a roll bar. It’s also an extra 10kg lighter than the circuit version.

The GRMN Yaris starts at a price of 7,317,000 yen ($64,108). The Circuit Package is 8,467,000 yen ($74,183), and the Rally Package will be 8,378,764 yen ($73,410).

Toyota is so confident that all 500 of these cars will sell, that they’ll be running a lottery to randomly choose who’s allowed to purchase one.

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