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Tumbler Batmobile vs HALO Warthog + The NEW Batmobile of 2021

With the new Batman movie coming out in 2021 (The Batman), we are starting to see some leaks of the newest Batmobile.  To that end, let’s compare the last Batman vehicle, the Tumbler, to Master Chief’s whip, the Warthog from the legendary Halo games, to see who would come out on top.

Interpretations of the Warthog have been built a few times in the real world, and they’ve done some amazing work.  This is a vehicle meant to get a Marine, or a few of them, across the terrain quickly, while providing some firepower to get them there in one piece.  The Warthog definitely has the advantage when it comes to off-roading capabilities and its small size and low weight gives it the edge in manoeuvrability.

The Tumbler is a behemoth.  Designed by Hollywood only (as far as I know, perhaps Elon Musk has someone working on an electric version in some basement somewhere?) for the movies.  The Tumbler can do rampless jumps, drive through brick walls and buildings without taking damage, and has an autodrive feature (perhaps Tesla contributed after all?), as well as an array of weapons from missiles to guns, and something called an ‘Intimidate’ function which looks fun.

The win goes to the Tumbler for its high marks in durability, weaponry, and versatility (when it broke, it transformed into a motorcycle).  Although if I had to build one in my garage, I’d definitely buy a Polaris Razor and build my own version of the Warthog!

Speaking of building in the garage though, the new Batmobile looks like something that a depressed Robert Pattinson (Bruce Wayne/Batman) would build in his garage to combat the PTSD of surviving his parents’ murder.  A mashup between a Dodge Challenger and something from the Hennesy tuners.  You can see a couple of big turbos and what might be a V10 mounted in the middle of the car.  I can’t wait.


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