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What If The Range Rover Evoque Was Made In 1979..?

Unlike the 1972 Porsche Cayenne, we featured earlier – there was actually a Range Rover in 1979… no, there was no Evoque but at least we have something to go on here.

Pictured on the dunes of, let’s say, Africa. With the budding owners enjoying a spot of golf – while their 1979 Range Rover Evoque waits patiently to transport them home safely. As for the looks, we love the look of the retro Evoque with its gorgeous tan yellow paint job with retro grill and rims.

Compared the 1979 real Range Rover pictured below, we think this interpretation looks amazing. We would imagine it would feature similar specs to the 1979 model including a 132hp, 8 cylinder engine.

0-60 would probably be in the 15.2 second range, much like it’s top of the range late 70’s counterpart.

We genuinely feel that this render of a 1979 Range Rover Evoque would have sat perfectly alongside the rest of the Range Rover and Land Rover catalogue and part of us wishes we had a time machine, so we could back to 1979 and ask Mr and Mrs Range Rover to create it for us.

For more modern cars rendered into classics, stick with Grand Tour Nation.

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