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UK Police Fine Man For Speeding At 110MPH And Breaking COVID-19 Lockdown Rules In Bizarre Case

If you saw our recent article of the Lamborghini driver speeding to a COVID-19 test, then we have quite the follow up for you. This time coming from the UK and specifically Nottinghamshire.

Leicestershire Police reported of a man being caught speeding at 110mph near Junction 22 on the M1 Northbound, they promptly pulled over the speedy driver and begun to question him as to his racing antics. The man, who had his two young children in the car, claimed he was on his way back from London to buy bread. Why would you drive all the way from Nottingham to London and back to buy bread you ask… well obviously it’s because bread in London is allegedly £1 cheaper, or so he claimed.

This got us to thinking here at Grand Tour Nation and we’ve worked out the fuel costs for this, clearly because we’ve got nothing better to do during this time of self-isolation and quarantine. Using the RAC Mileage Calculator and based on a 46mpg car, fuel costing 111.5p per gallon and the 255.02 mile round trip from Nottingham to London and back – the gentleman’s fuel costs would have been an eye-watering £28.10… not to mention this would have taken him approximately 5 and a half hours compared to nipping down to the local shops.

As you can imagine, Leicestershire Police handed the man two fixed penalty notices and he is required to attend court for speeding.

Leicestershire Police Roads Policing Unit’s Twitter had the following to say of the incident:

His first fixed penalty notice was of course for speeding a solid 40mph over the speed limit but his second one was just as serious you could argue. The second notice came under the Health Protection Regulations of 2020, it came into law last month and it gives police the power to punish anyone who is not abiding by lockdown rules and restrictions, and in our opinion, this was certainly that – this new regulation comes with a £60 fine.

Stay home, stay safe and if you need bread – shop locally.

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  1. Given that a Lamborghini would be lucky to do 15 MPG (at 110 MPH), it’s probably closer to 85 UKP than 28!

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