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Watch As A Truck Driver’s Life Is Saved By A Run Away Ramp

In the UK there are plenty of run away ramps around small, mainly coastal roads. That’s because we usually don’t find huge elevation changes on our motorways. In California, this is a different story, as you can see from this fear-sparking video above, and it proves just how important these are to those who are driving heavy vehicles.

This video, while filmed earlier this year, has just gone viral on Reddit, and shows the heart-stopping moment a trucker realises they’ve lost brakes, likely due to overheating via overuse on a downgrade judging by the smoke.

The driver quickly swerves to the right side of the road in order to get to the ramp and shoots in front of another trucker who was the person who recorded this on their dashcam. Thanks to the gravel that coats the surface of the ramp, the truck is slowed quickly in no time at all, but without such a feature, this could have been a very different story.

Below, I’ll share another type of run away ramp which uses gravity to slow the truck more than a graveled surface.

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