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F1 Has Made A “Generous Donation” To UNICEF As It Launches Appeal For Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shaken the world, and the F1 has taken certain moves to separate itself from any Russian business. The American-owned Haas has confirmed the release of Russian driver Nikita Pazepin from behind the wheel of their cars, while also removing its main sponsor, the Russian company Uralkali.

Now, it’s been confirmed that each of the 20 drivers on the F1 grid will be supporting the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine as they gear up for the Bahrain Grand Prix today.

It’s been estimated that 3.3 million refugees have been created from the war in Ukraine and over 1.85 million people from the country have been forced out of their homes. The charity, UNICEF, will work to support children in the country who have been affected by the war in regards to schooling, water, and associated infrastructure. To help this, the charity transports water across countries, will provide supplies to aid hygiene, and will give psychosocial care to children who need it.

The F1 has made a “generous donation” to the cause and have asked fans of the sport, as well as its teams, to join them with a donation. You can donate here.

After a few weeks, the total of everything donated from the F1 and its fans and teams will be released. The Ferrari team has already donated ¢1,000,000 to the Red Cross, and other teams will surely be following.

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