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Watch An Audi RS6 Blow A Tire And Ram Into Police

When you break into an ATM, as these robbers did, you’ll probably want a car that can get you away from the scene ASAP; something like, maybe, a 600-hp, V8 Audi RS6. But as shown in this video, the RS6 is apparently much less of a match for a police-issue BMW 330d than you would think.

At the beginning of the video, the Audi reportedly makes it to nearly 100mph in a densely packed residential area, while the BMW gives chase. The Audi briefly stops long enough for one of the cops to get out of the car, then moves forward, stops again and smashes into them in reverse. The BMW is followed closely by a Vauxhall Insignia police car that briefly takes point when the Audi stops at an intersection and reverses into the BMW for a second time.

The BMW keeps going, making it a good distance before being forced to pull over by steam pouring from the hood from the repeated injuries to the front of the car, letting the other vehicles continue chasing the Audi. It’s frankly a wonder the Beemer made it that far and was still mostly able to keep up with the RS6, though the latter had blown a tire by this point and ended up hitting a curb quite hard, seemingly barely able to turn back into the road.

The lesson to be learned from all of this is that if you’re an ATM robber in an Audi RS6, make sure that the police have a Vauxhall Astra Diesel instead of a speed-demon BMW 330d. Otherwise, you just might get nicked, Sunshine.

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