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Watch Someone Ride A Dirt Bike Over The Top Of A Bridge In Dangerous Stunt

I really want to buy a motorbike. It’s cheaper than running a car despite being of a higher performance, and filtering is perfectly legal where I live so sitting in traffic would be a thing of the past. But I’d never do something like what you’re about to see. I simply haven’t got the cahonas.

The stunt that this particular motorcyclist pull off is an ass-clencher, with one wrong move more than likely resulting in some pretty serious injuries. The rider, who has remained anonymous, can be seen from a helmet-mounted action camera crossing a bridge via its arched structure.

With some serious concentration and balls the size of melons, he balances his bike as he rides up the narrow beam cautiously. As it levels out and starts to descend, you can feel the biker’s confidence rise a little as he starts to pick up the pace. Soon he’s over, and the video ends. Bravo.

Obviously I don’t need to point out that this is incredibly dangerous and shouldn’t have been done on a public road and without bright yellow reflective jackets etc etc etc. It’s also probably illegal, but damn did it look cool.

It certainly makes for a good viral video, but please don’t try to recreate it. Abide by the road rules, people. If you want to do something crazy like that, take it somewhere off-road where you’re allowed to be riding, at least then if it does go wrong, you have a foot to stand on. Hopefully.

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