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Watch The Ford Bronco Sport Take On Some Serious Off-Road Trails

The Ford Bronco Sport may not have been quite as interesting as the standard Bronco, but don’t let its road-going aesthetic sway you to think it’s not capable off-road. Formula Drift driver and all-around fun haver Vaughn Gittin Jr shows us how it’s done as he films off-road driver Loren Healy pushing the car to its limits.

The video posted to Vaugh’s Instagram account shows him driving the car through the popular Hell’s Gate trail in Moan, and the Badlands variant of the Bronco took it in its stride. It even tips backwards slightly onto only three wheels, but the talented driver just pushes forward. This vehicle has a 1.5-inch lift kit that’s currently being tested by RTR, but the Sport is still incredibly impressive nonetheless.

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