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Watch The Nissan Z 400Z Proto Reveal HERE Today

We’ve been waiting a long time for the new Z sports car from Nissan, but finally the time has come for us to witness the reveal of the next in a long run of successful Japanese sports cars. And while it may just be a prototype, this new car will for sure pass on its design and specification onto the next production variant, rumoured to be named the 400Z.

Its release will be done digitally via a live stream on YouTube which you can stream below, so mark this page in your bookmarks and make sure you’re here at 8:30PM Eastern time (0:30AM GMT, September 16th. 

This new car is rumoured to be powered by a 3.0-litre twin-turbo unit from the Infiniti Q60, which is expected to create around 400bhp, hence the name of the new Z. And while the chassis is likely to be very similar to the 370Z it’s replacing, we assume the Japanese marque has overhauled it with the latest performance tech, and removed some of the weight.

Retro styling is being used, as you can see from the rear lights which are reminiscent of the 300ZX, and the overall shape of the car will resemble a style that matches the 240Z over any of its other predecessors with a long bonnet.

The car is likely to hit dealerships either next year, or even more likely, the year after, and will be followed by a hotter NISMO version which is rumoured to be tailing the ‘base’ model with even higher performance.

We’ll be covering the reveal live, and very much look forward to what Nissan has in store for us.

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