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Watch The Toyota GR Yaris Stick With A GR Supra On Track

While we love the new Toyota GR Supra, we’re far more interested in the rally-homologation hatchback, the GR Yaris. Based on a Yaris chassis, plus quite a few huge modifications, this hot hatch is designed for anything a driver may chuck at it with an AWD powertrain, and the most powerful three-cylinder ever dropped into a production car with 257 horsepower.

New Toyota GR Yaris Boasts 257 Horsepower and All-Wheel Drive For Ultimate Hot Hatch Fun

To see just how the car performs on track, the YouTube channel GreatMotors has taken theirs out at the legendary German track, Hockenheim, usually home to Formula 1 cars. With at least 80 more horsepower, the Supra that’s joined them on the tarmac should be faster, but the Yaris easily maintains the Supra’s pace.

Yep, as you can see, the Supra walks the Yaris on the straight lines, but as soon as both cars enter a corner, you can see exactly where it makes up the time. The Yaris, with its impressive powertrain and differentials, has much more grip than the rear-wheel-driven Supra. Plus, it looks as though the driver of the Yaris is rather competent compared to the other driver, which also explains its pace.

Regardless, the GR Yaris is one hell of a car and I’m incredibly jealous of anyone who gets behind the wheel of one, let alone owns one.

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