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Watch This Lamborghini Miura P400 SV Drift Through the Snow of Iran

I’m a massive fan of classic cars, but the Lamborghini Miura tops the list, I think. Even after getting the chance to drive one and realising it has all the precision of a boneless limb, I would still sell my kidneys to give myself a slightly better chance of being able to afford one. Even if it was to just look at it under the dim energy saving bulb that would hang above it in my garage.

I have a strong belief however, that cars shouldn’t just be looked at, but driven. Driven hard. And that is exactly what happens in this emotion swelling video of the Shah of Iran (played by stunt driver Mirko Venturi) as he powers his p400 SV (known for not having the eyelashes) through the snow of Iran. Yes, apparently they have snow. No, I didn’t know either.

The video begins with a young boy circling his toy Miura around the floor. This boy turns out to be the grandson of Enzo Moruzzi who worked at Lamborghini for 38 years, managing the delivery of cars to VIP clients all around the world. He sits his grandchild on the side of his chair and tells him a story about the Shah of Iran.

After a relaxed start to the video, the Miura’s transverse v12 bursts into life and the car can be seen powersliding sideways through the snow in homage to the Shah who used to drive his Miura in a similar fashion.

The boy is captivated, and so am I. Do yourself a favour and watch this incredible short film. For those of you who thought a Miura looked good sat on the cobbled streets of Italy… You haven’t seen anything yet.

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