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Welcome Rivian – The New All-Electric Truck Which Has Received $500million Investment From Ford

Who is Rivian? It’s an all-electric luxury vehicle maker, and they’re in the process of creating what they call the first ‘electric adventure vehicle’.  And when they say adventure, they mean it.

Rivian’s R1T and R1s both have quad-motor drivelines and an ability to wade in up to three feet of water.  Oh, and those quad motors will be able to hurl these beasts from 0-60 in just 3 seconds. It will also have the range to get you into, and out of, most trouble in the wilderness: a claimed 400 miles.

What Ford Might See in Rivian

Ford is currently playing catchup in a market that is charging full-speed ahead into the all-electric vehicle segment.  They currently do not sell an all-electric vehicle. Yes they have plug-in hybrids but that’s not what the market is asking for. An all electric F-150 is in the works but Ford has stated that the Rivian will be an addition to Fords future lineup. Ford has announced that they plan on spending $11 Billion on electric and self driving vehicles, with an additional $500 million investment into these Rivian vehicles.

Who else has invested in Rivian?

As of writing this article Rivian has quite a few heavy hitters standing in its corner. Amazon also invested in Rivian back in February – they put up $700 million. In doing so they showed the world that the way automakers bring vehicles to market is changing, with smaller more nimble companies having the ability to leap ahead of traditional automakers with innovation.

In summary

Rivian seems to have a segment of the electric market in its grasps. However their first vehicle, the R1T will not hit the market until some time in 2020.  Time will tell whether Ford and Amazon’s investment in Rivian will pay off and whether the R1T and R1S will live up to expectations. We hope so.

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    1. As of right now Tesla has a concept in the works but they have not revealed it yet.

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