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You’ll Want To Get Your Hands On This Scooter/Skateboard/Tank Mashup

The first thing I thought of when the DTV Shredder was brought to my attention was the episode of Top Gear where the boys race a team of disabled veterans through some pretty rough terrain (Series 18, Episode 4).

In that episode, the vets were truly impressive to watch as they tackled the terrain in what was nothing more than off the shelf mobility scooters, beating our three boys easily.

One of the first comments in a video featuring this DTV Shredder is “Please adapt this as a wheelchair. It is actually cheaper than my everyday wheelchair and would be so much more fun!” Could you imagine what that team of vets could do with one of these?

The DTV Shredder is basically what you would get if you combined a scooter with a small tank. It can travel up to 30 MPH with its 208cc engine, and can traverse a variety of different surfaces, including sand and snow.

The Shredder uses a proprietary transmission and steering system to work. A rider would steer the Shredder much like one would turn a skateboard or snowboard. Leaning actuates the mechanical Dual CVT Transmission which controls the individual tracks.

Speaking of the tracks, the Shredder’s tracks utilize a rear-drive system, so the front end of the tracks is free of any drivetrain parts. This ensures that the Shredder can comfortably absorb both frontal and lower shock loads, allowing it to perform those crazy moves you see in the video…

The cost for all this insane mobility? Approximately $5,000-$5,500. not too terrible for what you get!

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