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Driving Through New York City Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Is A Weird Experience

I’ve never seen anything like the effects of the Coronavirus. The UK has just gone into lockdown, and people around the world are removing themselves from society to try and reduce the risk of catching COVID-19. Despite this, thousands of people have died with many more suffering the symptoms of the awful virus.

Social distancing and working from home has been implemented in many countries, including America, and this has had a massive effect on roads. They’re empty. New York has never been so quiet, with the following video showing just how much of a ghost town it’s become.

According to the uploader, it was filmed on a Saturday morning, and while it would generally be a little less busy at that time, it’s strange to see the city so quiet. Comments on the post say that California is looking the same way, too.

How are you coping during the COVID-19 outbreak? Are you going for quiet drives by yourself, enjoying the empty roads? I’m not sure I’m able to since the lockdown, despite there being no chance to come into contact with anyone else. Let us know how you’re using your time at home.

As always guys, stay safe, stay inside when you can, and make sure you’re washing your hands properly as much as possible.

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