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YouTuber Swaps His Kart’s Engine With A Jet Turbine For Ultimate Fun

We’re used to fast cars now. And with new hypercars and supercars being revealed every other weekend, we’re slowly getting more and more used to four-figure horsepower and incredibly 0-60 times. But what we’re not used to is people attaching jet turbines to tiny little go-karts. Yeah, this video is great.

YouTuber Matt Mikka from the channel Warped Perception is our feature today, with him swapping the engine from his own kart for a jet turbine. By the way, the original engine was a single-cylinder Kohler diesel engine… as if that wasn’t good enough.

With the engine removed, Mikka also removed the chain from the axle to allow it to be as free-flowing as possible. “When you brake, it’s 100 per cent brake. There’s no momentum from a chain or anything,” he said.

He quickly whipped up a mount for the jet as well as a large support, and eventually had the thing fitted and fed with hydro Jet A fuel that consists of 80% jet fuel and 20% water.

With the jet fueled and lit, he takes it for a spin, explaining that it has 70 lbs of thrust that he’s eager to tap into. Top speed? Well, he’s waiting for the next episode to reveal that figure, so you’ll have to subscribe and watch for yourself.

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