The All-Electric Mustang SUV Release Date Revealed

In a huge turning point for the company, Ford has taken the idea of the Mustang and morphed it into something they think will sell, an all-electric SUV. Now, next month, this new model will be revealed to the public.

The 17th November is going to bring the next step in the Mustang’s timeline, and for many could be a significant date in the industry. Just like the new Corvette going mid-engined, Porsche going electric, Ford, to some, may be seen as stamping on the car that made them great and stole so many hearts.

Take a look at the teaser video Ford has released above, and let us know if you’re into an all-electric Ford Mustang-esque SUV. We’re not so sure, but we’ve yet to see anything more than the above so will hold our tongues until we’ve seen it and driven it.

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