This 4-Rotor RX7 Rips Up A Dyno With A Wicked Soundtrack

Rob Dahm’s rotary cars have been covered quite a lot by GTN, especially his record breaking custom frame RX7. This video, while it is by Rob Dahm, doesn’t feature his own RX7. But we’re still struggling to not completely fall in love with it as it rips up the dyno. And the noise, oh the noise!

It’s a four-rotor creation with the objective to not only recreate the sound of the legendary Mazda 787B prototype racer, but to create plenty of power and plenty of flames. Unlike the 787B, it packs a punch with a single GTX5533R 98mm Garrett turbocharger. This means that obviously, there are plenty of turbo noises and whistles to accompany the scream of the legendary rotary power plant.

The car clocks 950hp on its final run, and if you believe the video, there’s plenty more where that came from.

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