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F1 News: Carlos Sainz Blames “Politics” After Serious Las Vegas GP Problem Repeats In Bahrain

Amidst repeated incidents of loose drain covers during Bahrain pre-season testing, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz expressed frustration, attributing the recurrence to underlying “political things” in Formula 1. These incidents rekindled memories of Sainz’s penalty in Las Vegas last year, igniting calls for necessary rule changes to ensure fairness and safety on the track.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz voiced frustration over ongoing issues with loose drain covers during Bahrain pre-season testing, underscoring the persistent barriers to essential rule modifications.
  • Despite suffering an unjust penalty in Las Vegas last year, Sainz lamented the absence of regulatory amendments, raising concerns regarding the fairness of penalties in Formula 1.
  • Incidents in Bahrain, damaging Leclerc’s Ferrari and Perez’s Red Bull, prompted Sainz to advocate for rule adjustments and Max Verstappen to advocate for more rigorous track inspections to uphold safety and prevent car damage.

Months after enduring a penalty at the Las Vegas Grand Prix for an incident beyond his control, Carlos Sainz remains disappointed by the lack of regulatory changes within Formula 1. The aftermath of his ordeal saw Ferrari grappling with significant damage to the SF-23’s floor and other vital power unit components, with compensation still pending.

Unfortunately, similar instances plagued Bahrain during Thursday and Friday’s testing sessions, casting a shadow over the upcoming Grand Prix. Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari SF-24 and Sergio Perez’s RB20 fell victim to the same loose drain cover, resulting in damage to their respective cars.

While the incidents in Bahrain didn’t escalate to the severity witnessed in Nevada, Sainz’s frustration remains palpable. Speaking to the media, he emphasized the need for regulatory adjustments, stating, “Looks like the regulations have not changed… After what happened in Vegas, it should be a must to change [the rule]. Like always, one team cannot agree with the other and there’s always political things and things going on when F1 teams don’t agree.”

Max Verstappen echoed concerns about track safety, urging for more stringent checks before race weekends. He emphasized the importance of preventing car damage, especially with the budget cap in place, asserting, “It’s not nice when these things happen.” With the Bahrain Grand Prix looming, the calls for enhanced safety measures resonate strongly within the F1 community, emphasizing the imperative of addressing underlying issues to safeguard drivers and uphold fairness in the sport.

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