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Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari Switch: An Unfolding Saga as Mercedes Contract Remains Unsettled

In a revealing update, Johnny Herbert discusses the potential of Lewis Hamilton switching to Ferrari amidst his ongoing contract discussions with Mercedes. This speculation arises as Hamilton’s future with Mercedes remains uncertain, fueling rumors of a possible move to the Italian team.

Key Takeaways:

  • Johnny Herbert’s Insight: Former F1 driver and pundit Johnny Herbert expresses his views on Lewis Hamilton’s future. Herbert believes Ferrari is the only viable option for Hamilton if he decides to leave Mercedes, emphasizing the Italian team’s potential to offer Hamilton his eighth championship.
  • A Rumoured Ferrari Offer: Despite a strong bond with Mercedes, there’s speculation about Hamilton considering a move to Ferrari. Past whispers of an offer from the president of Scuderia Ferrari add to this speculation, although Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes is still under discussion.
  • The Current Ferrari Struggle: Herbert points out Ferrari’s current challenges, noting their struggle in strategy and development. With the team now fourth in the Constructor Standings and under new leadership from Fred Vasseur, their ability to provide a championship-winning car for Hamilton is questioned.

Former Sky Sports F1 pundit Johnny Herbert has openly shared his thoughts on the ongoing buzz about Lewis Hamilton’s potential shift to Ferrari. As Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes nears its end, the seven-time world champion has not yet signed a new deal, stirring curiosity and rumors in the F1 community.

Herbert, known for his astute observations in the racing world, suggested that Ferrari could be a tantalizing option for Hamilton, citing their historical prestige and capabilities. “I hope he is still thinking that Mercedes potentially isn’t working for him and what is the next best thing? The Red One. Ferrari. That’s the only option,” Herbert remarked during an interview with

He further added, “Are those conversations happening? I would be shocked if nothing was happening. I think it would be the best thing to do as I’ve said before. They have all the ingredients, they just need to get them all mixed together.”

Despite these speculations, the relationship between Hamilton and Mercedes appears robust, with expectations of a contract renewal looming. However, the prospect of Hamilton joining Ferrari has been a topic of discreet discussion among F1 journalists and insiders.

In his interview, Herbert also shed light on Ferrari’s current performance issues, highlighting the lack of synergy in their strategy and development, which has led to them falling behind in the standings. “It’s the fragmentation of all those jigsaw pieces which haven’t fitted together. They don’t fit properly, from the strategy calls that are still an issue, to having a car that was good at the start of the year but hasn’t really developed since then,” he explained.

This scenario poses a significant hurdle for Ferrari in attracting a driver of Hamilton’s caliber, especially with their current position in the Constructor Standings. Despite the recent appointment of Fred Vasseur as team principal, the team faces an uphill battle to regain their competitive edge.

Considering these factors, it seems unlikely that Hamilton would see Ferrari as a desirable option at this stage. Meanwhile, Mercedes has been making substantial changes to enhance their performance, aiming to provide Hamilton with a competitive W15. As the situation unfolds, the F1 world eagerly awaits Hamilton’s decision, with his choice set to significantly impact the dynamics of the upcoming racing season.

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