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Marta Garcia, First F1 Academy Champion, Sets Her Sights on Formula 1

Marta Garcia, the inaugural F1 Academy champion, has declared her ambition to progress to Formula 1. She emphasized her dedication to achieving this goal, citing the significance of her recent victory and the upcoming challenges in the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rising Through the Ranks: Marta Garcia, 23, recently crowned as the first F1 Academy champion, is now setting her sights on the Formula 1 stage. Her next step involves competing in the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine (FRECA) in 2024, a crucial milestone in her racing career.
  • Inspiration and Aspirations: Garcia expressed her admiration for F1 icon Lewis Hamilton, who personally congratulated her post-race. She underlined the importance of such support and the added pressure of performing under the watchful eyes of top F1 professionals and fans alike.
  • Emotional Triumph: Reflecting on her F1 Academy victory, Garcia shared the overwhelming emotions she experienced, acknowledging the hard work of her team and family. She emphasized the significance of her achievement and the rigorous journey ahead in the highly competitive Formula Regional championship.

Marta Garcia, the first champion of the F1 Academy, has openly shared her “ultimate goal” of making it to Formula 1. This ambitious declaration comes as she prepares to race in the 2024 Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine (FRECA), a critical step in her career. At just 23 years old, Garcia’s journey in the world of motorsports is a testament to her dedication and skill.

The young Spaniard’s path to success was marked by her participation in the all-female F1 Academy series, where she secured a seat with the title-winning Prema team. This achievement in FRECA, a bridge between Formula 4 and Formula 3, has set the stage for her future aspirations.

Garcia’s drive and determination were evident in her conversation with Sky Sports News, where she stated, “F1 Academy is doing a good job and gave me the opportunity to race in Formula Regional which is a good step for me.” She acknowledged the hard work and progress being made in the motorsport industry to elevate talented drivers like herself to higher levels.

Her victory in the F1 Academy was not just a personal triumph but a shared joy with her support system. Garcia recounted the emotional moment of her win, “You don’t realize until you go into the pitlane and see everyone – my parents, my mechanics, everyone in the team. It felt great after all the hard work during the season.” This sentiment reflects the collective effort and support that underpins her journey.

A notable highlight of her career so far has been the recognition and encouragement from her role model, Lewis Hamilton. She fondly recalled, “I have always looked up to Lewis. He is an amazing driver and the fact that when I got out of the car he was there waiting to congratulate me is something I will always remember.” This moment of acknowledgment from a leading figure in Formula 1 not only served as inspiration but also as a reminder of the supportive community within the sport.

As Garcia embarks on her next challenge in the Formula Regional European Championship, her eyes are firmly set on the ultimate prize – a spot in Formula 1. Her journey is a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the evolving landscape of motorsports, where talent and hard work pave the way to the top.

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