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Monza Gears Up for Lewis Hamilton’s F1 Movie Filming at Italian GP

The iconic Monza circuit is not just set to host the exhilarating Italian Grand Prix but also the latest filming for Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One movie, “Apex”. This blend of real-world racing and cinematic action highlights the unique intersection of sports and entertainment in Formula 1.

Key Takeaways:

  • Monza as a Filming Location: The filming for Lewis Hamilton’s F1 film, initially planned for Zandvoort, shifts to Monza during the Italian Grand Prix weekend. This follows the trend of using real F1 races and locations, like the British and Hungarian Grand Prix, as backdrops for the movie.
  • Star-studded Cast and Authentic Insights: Brad Pitt stars as a retired racing legend, Sonny Hayes, alongside Damson Idris. With real F1 drivers appearing as cameos and specialised setups like a pit box for filming, the movie promises an authentic glimpse into the world of Formula 1.
  • Anticipation and Release Details: Titled “Apex”, the film is eagerly awaited by both movie and racing fans. Its release on platforms like Apple+ and the involvement of Dawn Apollo Films, co-produced by Lewis Hamilton, add to the film’s credibility and appeal.

The Italian Grand Prix at Monza is about to become more than just a race event. It’s transforming into a cinematic experience, with the continuation of filming for Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One movie. The Formula 1-themed film, which had its shooting earlier scheduled at Zandvoort, now turns to the historic Monza circuit for its next phase, as reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

This isn’t the first time a Grand Prix event has been utilised for the film. The British Grand Prix also played host to the movie’s production. Unique provisions, such as a specialized pit box for the film crew, were made to accommodate the filming process. Notably, Brad Pitt was seen taking to the Silverstone track in a Formula 2 car modified to resemble an F1 car. Moreover, the current F1 driver lineup is expected to make cameo appearances in the film, offering fans a blend of real and reel racing.

In the upcoming scenes at Monza, the spotlight will be on Brad Pitt’s character, Sonny Hayes, a once-retired racing legend who returns to the fast-paced world of F1. His objective is to mentor a promising young racer, portrayed by Damson Idris. This narrative arc promises to offer an insightful look into the trials and triumphs of Formula 1 racing.

The film “Apex” has stirred considerable excitement among both movie enthusiasts and the racing community. While the exact release date of the film remains undisclosed, it’s known that the movie will be accessible on Apple+. The production’s authenticity is further enhanced by the involvement of Dawn Apollo Films, co-produced by Lewis Hamilton himself. This collaboration ensures that the film not only captures the essence of F1 racing but also resonates with the fans’ expectations for realism and high-octane drama.

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