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How Lewis Hamilton Shed 11 Pounds in a Week to Meet F1 Weight Standards

Just a summer break of indulgence led to a challenging week for Lewis Hamilton, as he had to lose 11 pounds to meet Formula 1 weight requirements. His journey reflects the intense discipline needed in F1 racing, both on and off the track.

Key Takeaways:

  • Summer Break Weight Gain: Hamilton enjoyed his summer break, traveling to several countries and indulging in various cuisines. This led to an unexpected weight gain, pushing him beyond the F1 weight bracket for drivers.
  • Rapid Weight Loss for Dutch GP: To comply with the strict weight requirements of Formula 1, Hamilton undertook an extreme diet to lose the excess weight quickly before the Dutch Grand Prix, emphasizing the importance of weight management in racing.
  • Lifestyle and Diet: A dedicated vegan since 2017, Hamilton’s diet mainly consists of plant-based foods, and he follows a rigorous workout regime. This lifestyle not only helps him maintain his weight but also prepares him for the physical demands of racing.

Lewis Hamilton, a celebrated Formula 1 driver known for his exceptional skills on the track, recently faced a different kind of challenge. During his summer break, Hamilton’s love for food saw him exceeding the weight limit set for F1 drivers. Formula 1 has stringent weight rules for both cars and drivers to ensure optimal performance, and Hamilton found himself in a position where he needed to shed weight rapidly.

Hamilton, who spent his summer break with family and exploring various African countries, admitted to overindulging. In a candid interview, he explained his predicament, saying, “I ate so much food. My weight has to be between 73 and 74 kilos, and I was almost 77 kilos on Saturday. So I had to go on an extreme diet these past days.”

This incident sheds light on the behind-the-scenes discipline and sacrifices made by F1 drivers. Hamilton, who has been a vegan since 2017 and advocates for a gradual transition to a plant-based diet, had to resort to an extreme diet to meet the requirements. His diet includes healthy staples like beets, lentils, fruits, and falafel, reflecting his commitment to a health-conscious lifestyle.

Hamilton’s fitness routine is just as disciplined as his diet. He dedicates four to five hours daily to working out, often accompanied by his dog, Roscoe. This rigorous regime is essential not just for maintaining weight but also for building the strength and endurance needed to withstand the high-speed G-forces experienced in Formula 1 racing.

As of now, Hamilton stands fourth in the 2023 drivers’ standings with 156 points, trailing behind Fernando Alonso of Aston Martin. His journey back to race-ready fitness exemplifies the dedication and commitment required in the high-stakes world of Formula 1, where every kilogram and every point counts.

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