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Red Bull’s Future Driver Lineup: Horner Teases Potential Changes Post-Perez’s 2024 Contract

Red Bull’s Christian Horner has sparked discussions on the future of the team’s driver lineup, with Sergio Perez’s contract ending in 2024 and young talent Liam Lawson rising in the ranks. Horner’s statements have intensified speculations about potential changes in Red Bull’s F1 roster.

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite Liam Lawson’s notable performance as a substitute at AlphaTauri, Red Bull Racing has confirmed Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo as their drivers for the 2024 season, leaving Lawson out of a full-time racing seat.
  • Christian Horner highlighted Red Bull’s commitment to having the best drivers available. With Max Verstappen secured on a long-term deal and Perez’s contract concluding in 2024, Red Bull is keeping its options open for future team composition.
  • Horner praised Daniel Ricciardo’s experience and Yuki Tsunoda’s progress at AlphaTauri, noting that Liam Lawson is close to securing a full-time opportunity, enhancing the strength of Red Bull’s driver pool.

Red Bull Racing’s team principal, Christian Horner, recently shared his thoughts on the team’s future driver lineup in an interview with Sky Sports F1. The focus was on the potential shift in the team’s dynamic post-2024, which marks the end of Sergio Perez’s current contract.

Liam Lawson, the emerging New Zealand driver, has been a topic of interest after his impressive performances as a stand-in at AlphaTauri. Despite his commendable outings, Horner confirmed that Lawson would not be taking a full-time race seat in 2024. Instead, Red Bull has chosen to retain Yuki Tsunoda alongside the returning Daniel Ricciardo at AlphaTauri.

Horner elaborated on the driver selection, stating, “Look, all of those drivers are Red Bull Racing drivers, effectively placed at AlphaTauri. Daniel, with his experience and his motivation to come back, I think he’ll add great leadership to that team, and a great benchmark. Yuki has been making progress and I think having Daniel there as that benchmark, he’ll only learn from that. Liam, it’s only a matter of time before he gets his opportunity and full-time chance. To have the three of them there is very strong for the group.”

Looking ahead to the 2025 season, Horner underscored the importance of having the best drivers available. With Max Verstappen on a long-term contract, the focus shifts to Perez’s seat post-2024. Horner’s words suggest a keen interest in exploring all options.

“At Red Bull Racing we want the best two drivers that are available,” Horner said. “We’ve got a long-term contract with Max. Checo is out of contract at the end of 24, and so you want to explore and see all of those options. Checo is in the hot seat at the moment and will obviously be keen to extend. We’ll see how Daniel does, we’ll see how Yuki does and in the background, we’ll see what Liam’s capable of in the test and reserve role.”

This statement hints at a dynamic period ahead for Red Bull Racing, with the potential for significant changes in their driver lineup post-2024. The developments within the team, especially regarding Perez’s seat and Lawson’s rise, will be closely watched by fans and analysts alike.

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