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Williams F1 Team’s Legal Battle Escalates: Lawsuit Re-Filed in California by Ex-Sponsor ROKiT

Williams’ ongoing legal battle with former title sponsor ROKiT has taken a new turn, as Jonathan Kendrick, ROKiT’s boss, insists on continuing a $149m lawsuit in California. This move comes after an initial dismissal in Florida, highlighting the persistence of the dispute.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shift in Legal Venue: Initially dismissed in Florida due to a technicality, the $149m lawsuit against Williams by ROKiT is now being re-filed in California. The dismissal was based on ROKiT’s lawyer, Larry Klayman, being unauthorised to practice in the Florida district.
  • The Core of the Conflict: ROKiT’s lawsuit stems from a disagreement over unpaid fees from their time as Williams’ title sponsor in 2020. While ROKiT fulfilled its financial obligations in 2019, issues arose in 2020, leading Williams to terminate the sponsorship agreement.
  • Ongoing Legal Challenges: Despite Williams’ win in the London Court of International Arbitration, ROKiT has reopened legal proceedings in April. The accusation centers around alleged “fraudulent statements” from Williams, suggesting a potentially overlooked aspect in the International Court of Arbitration’s decision.

Jonathan Kendrick, the head of ROKiT, has been particularly vocal about the lawsuit, telling Autosport, “I’m not letting this go.” This statement underscores his determination to see the legal process through in California, where both he and ROKiT are based.

In a detailed accusation, ROKiT has not only targeted Williams as an entity but also named individual former executives, including ex-deputy team principal Claire Williams and others. They allege that Williams made “fraudulent statements” concerning the team’s potential, which forms the basis of their claim for over $149m.

ROKiT’s legal representation is noteworthy, with Larry Klayman, known for engaging in high-profile cases, originally leading the charge. However, due to restrictions on his practice in Florida, the case is moving to California with a new legal team.

Williams remains confident in the legal process, reflecting on their previous victory in arbitration. A spokesperson for Williams Racing emphasized this confidence, stating:

“Williams Racing can confirm that the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida has dismissed all claims filed by ROKiT against Williams and its former directors. Having successfully obtained an arbitration award against ROKiT in the UK and successfully securing confirmation of the arbitral award by a federal court in the United States, Williams continues to place its trust in the legal system with regard to its dispute with ROKiT, and looks forward to receipt of the amount awarded to it under the original arbitral award.”

As the saga continues, the F1 community watches closely to see how this legal tussle will unfold and what implications it might have for Williams and its former title sponsor, ROKiT.

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