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Richard Hammond Regrets Not Buying These Cars

After Richard Hammond revealed the five cars he regretted selling, he goes on talk about the cars he regretted not buying. This includes the cars he ‘could have been able to buy’ at some point but, he didn’t.

In a video on Drivetribe, Hammond gets a bit uncomfortable answering some questions. Fans wanted to know the cars he regretted not buying. Here’s the list:

  1. ‘Another’ Porsche 997 Gen 2: Obviously, the top of the list had to be a Porsche! Being a Porsche fan, there was no way Hammond didn’t have one already. But a second one!? I wonder if Mindy stopped him from buying it.
  2. Land Rover Discovery 4 Run-out Edition: As we know Hammond’s love for large SUVs, there’s no surprise this bad-ass-looking Landy was on the list. I’m surprised that he never bought it!
  3. Alpine A110: May and Hammond might have fallen for this underrated no-nonsense sports car when May reviewed it in Series 3, episode 5 of The Grand Tour. While May bought it, Hammond didn’t.
  4. Pagani Zonda: Hammond gets into some details about Pagani and the Zonda in particular. In short, he says he would have loved to have the Zonda which ‘landed from space’ but then he’d have to choose between his wife and daughters who live in the house he would’ve had to sell to buy the Zonda. Tough deal!

Hammond then gets a bit anxious and says he wished he could buy them all. He terms the fans’ questions as being horrible because they keep making him regret selling the best cars, and for not buying the ‘good ones’. So he’s just answering all of them now in order to not encounter them again.

However, that list is full of desirable cars to have. But, they do cost a lot of money. Even the small two-seater Alpine A110, which is powered by a four-cylinder turbo 1.8L engine costs upwards of £50,000!



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